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Managing workspace members
Managing workspace members
How to invite and manage teammates in your workspace
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Inviting new members to your workspace

If you’re looking to invite new teammates to Magnetiq, here’s how:

Open the dropdown menu on top right, and click "Members":

You will reach the Members page, with of all the users that have been invited to collaborate in your workspace.

If you are an administrator, you can invite a new teammate to Magnetiq by clicking the "Add member" button on top right.

In the pop-up window, enter the data of the user you want to invite:

When it comes to selecting the role, you will have to choose between 3 options:

  • Administrator

  • Manager

  • Viewer

If you want to be fully aware of the difference between these options, we recommend to take a look at the dedicated article: Understanding User Roles

Once you've filled the form and clicked on the button "Invite Member", Magnetiq will send an email invitation to your teammate where they will be asked to create a Magnetiq account and join your workspace.

Allowing users to access events

In Magnetiq adding users does not automatically allow them to see and manage an event. To do so, you will have to authorize them, by granting specific permissions for each event.

To see how to manage event-related permissions to each user, please take a look at the related article: Authorize users to see and manage an event

Creating multiple Viewers with no access to their email

In case you need to create multiple Viewers and don't have access to their email address (or have forgotten their password and don't have time to request a new password), you can generate a temporary password reset page for them, as explained in this article.

Managing members in your workspace

For each member of the list, Administrators can access a link "Manage" on the right:

The "Manage" link will open a window where you can edit some data of the user:

  • their role

  • the area (in case the user is a Manager)

  • their phone number

Deleting a member

You can delete a user by using the gray link in the bottom of the pop-up window.

Deleting users does not delete the operations they did, like adding contacts, assigning seats, etc.

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