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Understanding user roles
Understanding user roles
Members of a workspace can have different roles with dedicated permissions
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In Magnetiq there are 3 types of user roles:

  • Administrators

  • Manager (available only in the "Multiple Teams" plan)

  • Viewers


Administrators can see and manage everything, like for instance:

  • all contacts

  • all events

  • all the seats of a seating chart

Administrators are the master of the workspace, and they can decide which members (among managers and viewers) have access to each event, and which are their permissions.


(available only in the "Multiple Teams" plan)

Each manager belong to an Area, which usually represents a team, like a company division, or an external agency. Areas is defined by a color.

They can see and manage only the segments of data related to their Area, like for instance:

  • only the events where they've been granted access (by the administrators)

  • their segment of contacts

  • their segment of sessions

  • the seats of a seating chart that have been assigned to their Area (by the administrators)

Managers are a great way to involve multiple people and teams in your organization, make them work in a collaborative way, while maintaining total control.

To create of modify areas, please drop us a note at


Inside the events where they've been granted access, Viewers can see most of the data, like for instance all contacts, all sessions, etc., but can not edit the data.

Viewers are typically the stewards that will manage the check-in of guests at the venue, or in some cases the top level management which want to supervise events and reports, but don't need to directly manage the data.

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