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Monitoring your teamwork with activity updates
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Magnetiq was born to facilitate collaboration among multiple team members. However, collaboration is great only if you can keep track of changes. Otherwise, you might not know why suddenly there is a change made to an item you care about.

That's why in Magnetiq you can find a section called Activity Updates, which will help you stay on top of work that needs your attention, and have 100% control over your teamwork.

To reach the Activity Updates use the dropdown menu on top right.

The updates will track who has performed an activity, when, and what has changed from the previous data.

You can search the activity updates by using the filter menus, or by typing a keyword. For instance, you could search by:

  • seat (i.e. A.5.2), to have the history of the people that have been assigned to that seat

  • contact, to check the activities related to one of your contacts

  • member, to see what a manager did on a particular day

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