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Importing media with a CSV file
Importing media with a CSV file
To display images inside your collection, use a CSV file to associate media files with product variants
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Before proceeding, we strongly recommend to make sure:

Download our sample CSV

The first step is to download our sample media CSV file to use as a template.

The sample file contains some example of variant SKUs and the address of a .jpg image. You can use it as a reference to create your own import file (making sure that you remove all the example rows).

CSV Format

  • CSV header: The first line of your media CSV must include the field headers described in the sample file, in the same order.

  • Media data: Later lines in the file should contain data for your variant using the same fields in that exact same order.

Each row must have 2 data:

  • Variant SKU: The SKU of the product variant.

  • Media URL: The path to reach the media related to the variant SKU inside your image folder.

Remember that all the Variant SKUs should be associated to at least one image. If, for instance, you don't have shots for each color, just repeat the same image file for all the different colors.

Updating existing media

If you want to make changes to your media, you need to export your media first.

In the Products section, go to the "Manage Media" box, select a collection (if you want to work on the data of a specific collection), then click on "Download CSV with current data".

Before you change the CSV file, make sure you make a copy of it, so that you have a backup of your media.

Adding media

Within the active CSV, check if there is already the variant SKU related to the media you want to add.

  • If the variant SKU is already in the CSV: Create additional rows inside the CSV to add more media URLs related to the same variant SKU. Then, submit the whole CSV with the complete list of media URLs related to the variant SKU.

  • If the variant SKU is not in the CSV: In this case, you can upload directly a CSV with just the rows related to variants and media URLs you want to add.

Deleting media

Identify the media you want to delete, then delete the row.

Replacing a media

Identify the media you want to replace, and change the media URL with the new one.

Uploading the CSV file

Once you've completed your CSV file, go to the Products section. Then, in the Import Media box:

  • select the Collection you want to update

  • select your CSV file

  • click Submit

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