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Importing prices with a CSV file
Importing prices with a CSV file
Import in bulk product pricing with price lists with a CSV file
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In Magnetiq you can define product pricing with price lists by using a CSV file.

Download our template

The first step is to start with our price list example file:

We recommend open the CSV file with:

If you want more information about CSV files, how they work, and how to use them with the different softwares, read the article: How to use CSV files

The sample file contains some example prices (if you use the sample file to create your own import file, then make sure that you remove the example rows).

Product CSV format

  • CSV header: The first line of your product CSV needs to include the field headers described in the sample file, in the same order.

  • Prices data: Later lines in the file should contain data for your product using the same fields in that exact same order.

Description of the Prices csv fields:

  • Item SKU: The SKU of the product

  • Price group: Price group name

  • Currency: Price currency (use only ISO 4217 codes you can find here:

  • Wholesale price: Wholesale price shown in the line sheet

  • Retail price: Retail price shown in the line sheet (if you don't want to have it, write 0).

Be sure to insert a price for each combination Item SKU / Price Group.

Here is an example of prices update of one product (notice the SKU is always the same).

Updating existing prices

In the Products section > "Import prices" box:

  • select the collection (optional)

  • click on "Download CSV with current data".

We strongly recommend to keep a backup of your data, by creating a copy of the CSV and working on the new file. Importing a CSV file which is not correct might cause your prices to be removed from their related products on the CSV, and your data will be lost.

With the copy of the CSV file:

  • Add rows with the new prices

  • Change the existing ones. Just make sure to have in the CSV all the prices related to a product, even the ones that do not change, otherwise the missing ones will be deleted.

  • Delete the rows of the prices you want to delete

Submit the new csv with the modified data.

Uploading the CSV file

Once you've completed your CSV file, go to the Products section > Manage Prices box:

  1. select your CSV file

  2. click "Import Prices"

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