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Creating a lookbook with a CSV file
Creating a lookbook with a CSV file
Magnetiq allows you to add a lookbook to your collection microsite, and display your products in their best light
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In Magnetiq Showroom you can create a lookbook, to present every product in its best light. Bold visuals let the designer’s vision come to life.

Each look will have a table with the products displayed in the image. More detail, and the ability to order, is just a click (or a touch) away.

Uploading the lookbook images via FTP

The first step is to upload the lookbook images via FTP (same space of the product images). Simply create a folder with your look images and upload the folder via FTP.

Associating looks with products in the CSV file

Once you've uploaded the look images, creating the Lookbook inside your Magnetiq Showroom is very simple, you will need to associate each look image with the related product variants.

The association can be made by means of a CSV file, and you can download our CSV template here.

(If you need some information about CSV files and how they work read this article)

Lookbook CSV format

  • CSV header: The first line of your product CSV must include the field headers described in the sample file, in the same order.

  • Lookbook data: Later lines in the file should contain data for your lookbook using the same fields in that exact same order.

The lookbook data must have:

  • Look Code: the Look name, usually a number like #1

  • Look image path: the relative path to the image (as per the lookbook folder uploaded in your FTP space)

  • A list of the variant SKUs: one row per each product variant SKU displayed in the look image, like in the example below.

Uploading the lookbook

In the Products section > Manage Lookbook:

  • select the desired collection

  • upload the CSV file

Changing the lookbook

If you need to make changes to the lookbook, download the current CSV file in the Products section, then make the changes and upload the entire lookbook CSV again.

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