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Check-in attendees with iOS app
Check-in attendees with iOS app
How to check-in guests at an event with your iPhone or iPad
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Download the app

You can download the iOS app from the Apple Store here:

Enter your workspace / Sign in

You will be asked to enter your workspace's name, most likely your brand's name (which followed by ‘’ will create your Magnetiq URL, ie "").

If you don't remember your workspace name, just click on the link at the bottom and follow the instructions, we will send it to your email address.

After entering the workspace, you will be able to sign in with your email and password.

Using the guest list

Select the desired event from the event list.

Once inside the event, you will have the event guest list.

Searching attendees in the list

You can search people by typing (at least 3) characters in the text field, and the list will update in real time.

Filtering the list

If you want to filter the list by a specific segment, just click on the "Filters" link in the top right corner. A pop-up will appear where you can select the desired filters (eg Area).

Once you're ready, click on "Apply" on top right corner and the list will update accordingly.

A little red icon will show that a certain number of filters has been applied to the list.

At any time, you can change or reset the filters by clicking on the "Filters" button again.

List + Seating plan

This view will give you the opportunity to quickly search the attendee name on the list, and have a look at the seating plan at the same time.

If you want to locate an attendee on the seating plan, click on their seat link in the list, and the seating plan will automatically pan and zoom to the guest position.

Checking-in people

You can check-in someone in two ways:

  • Manually: by clicking on the "Check-in" button on the right, or just tap directly on seats - they will become dark.

  • Scanning their QR Code: if you have sent them email invitation with a QR Code through Magnetiq

To scan QR Codes, just click on the "Scan QR button" on bottom, line up the QR code in the camera frame. A pop-up with attendee details will appear: this means the guest is now checked in.

To check another attendee, just tap on the blue button "Scan next" and your camera will be active again to scan the next QR Code.

Synchronization among devices

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be used for check-in.

If you’re connected to the internet, data entered through different devices will automatically sync. If you’re working offline synchronization will happen once the internet connection is restored.

Working Offline

To initially load the attendee list you will need an internet connection, then you’ll be able to work offline. As you check in a guest the app responds immediately, regardless of the quality of the internet connection.

Magnetiq will automatically build a queue of the check-in data you're entering and sync behind the scenes as soon as there is a connection available. It all happens automatically, without disturbing your work or holding up guests.

  • A message will notify that you don't have internet connection

  • Continue all your check-in operations normally

  • Your data will not be synchronized among your colleague's devices until you have reconnected to the internet

  • The "Leave event" link on top right will be temporarily disabled (so that you don’t leave without saving your changes). It will be enabled agin when you have an internet connection, so that we can automatically upload data from your work on the server and synchronize them with your colleagues devices.

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