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Managing the list of an event
Managing the list of an event
How to add contacts to an event or remove them (while keeping them in the centralized contact list)
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Adding contacts

To add contacts to an event, you need to use the button "Add attendees" the sidebar down on the left.

You will have 3 options:

  • Import from Contacts

  • Import from Excel

  • Add new contact

1. Import from Contacts

This is the best option if the guests are already in your Contacts CRM inside Magnetiq. It will allow you to choose which people you want to import from the contacts.

2. Import from Excel

This option is great if the contacts are not inside Magnetiq yet, and you want to import attendees in bulk from an Excel file.

To learn more about the procedure, read the related article: Importing Contacts from an Excel file

In case you are sending paper invitations to your guest, the Excel file can include their invite address (hotel, company, ...), to add these data in bulk as well.

3. Add new contact

This option is useful to quickly add attendees to your event one by one. The person will be added both to the contacts and to the event attendee list.

Removing someone from the event

You can remove a person from the event list as follows:

  • click on the person's name in the list

  • inside the detail page, click the button "Remove guest from event"

This operation will remove the person from the event, while it keeping them in the centralized contact list.

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