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Enabling seat segments to team managers
Enabling seat segments to team managers
How to enable the accessibility of seat segments for specific teams (company divisions, regions, external agencies, ...)
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Notice: this feature is available only if your workspace has a multiple-teams plan.

When organizing an event in collaboration with different teams (like company divisions, local PR agencies, etc.), administrators might want the team managers to see and work only the seating plan segments they've assigned to team.

By default, when you start an event in Magnetiq, managers won't have any visibility / accessibility to any seat, like in the situation below.

To enable a portion of the seating plan to managers, administrators will have to assign them the seats to manage.

To do so, the administrators can:

  • click on the "Seat Segments" section in the Event menu on top

  • click on the color picker of a team

  • click on the seats you want to assign to that team

As this operation is done, managers will see in real time the seats become accessible, and will be able assign them to their contacts.

Please notice that in order for managers to see the seats assigned to them, the seats must be free, or assigned to contacts from the same team.

When a seat assigned to a team (i.e. team A) is taken by a contact of a different team (i.e. team B), the team (A) will lose the capacity to manage that seat, as they can not manage a contact of a different team.

This can happen as the administrators, who have the ability to manage all contacts and seats, might assign a seat to a contact of a team that is different from the team that should manage that seat.

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