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Tracking attendee's invitation status
Tracking attendee's invitation status
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As you start the event organization, Magnetiq can help you track the invitation status of each attendee.

You can see the invitation status of an attendee directly in the second column of the list, where the icons of 4 statuses are displayed:

  • To be contacted

  • To be confirmed

  • Confirmed

  • Not attending

You can update the status of an attendee in two ways:

  • Manually, inside the guest detail

  • Automatically with email invites, through the RSVP button

Manually - the guest detail

As you click on a guest name, the related detail will open. Here you can change the invitation status by choosing the desired option.

Automatically with email invites

As you send an invitation email to an attendee with status "To be contacted", this will automatically be updated in "To be confirmed".

You can add RVSP buttons to your invite that attendees can click to confirm (or not) their presence:

  • RSVP YES button: the attendee status will automatically be updated in "Confirmed"

  • RSVP NO button: the attendee status will automatically be updated in "Not attending"

In both cases:

  • the date of the RSVP response will be recorded and displayed in the attendee detail page

  • the Invitation Status icon will change color (green for Confirmed, orange for Not attending)

Changing the invitation status of multiple guests in bulk

If you need to update the status of multiple attendees, no need to do it one by one, you can do it in bulk by clicking on the button on bottom left "Multiple Edit"

To know more about this specific feature, read the related article.

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