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Sending paper invitations, printing labels and cover letters
Sending paper invitations, printing labels and cover letters
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If in your event organization, you need to send physical paper invitations to your guests, Magnetiq can be of great help. Here's how:

Adding a delivery address for each guest

Inside an event, on the attendee detail page, you can add their delivery address, whether it's a hotel, the company, or a personal address.

Each workspace comes with a data-base of Hotel and Company addresses, so that you can search them and automatically get their address.

In case you want to upload a custom list of Hotels and Companies, send it to us, and we will update your workspace with your records.

To assign a Hotel / Company delivery address to an attendee:

  1. Start typing the name of the Hotel/Company you're looking for

  2. A list of hotels/companies will appear

  3. Select the hotel/company you need

  4. Click on the "Save" button (on top or bottom right of the attendee page)

(In case you want to update the address, you can do it by clicking on the link below the address.)

If a Hotel or a Company is missing, you can add it to your workspace database.

  1. Start typing a few letters to check if the Hotel/Company you're looking for is already in the database

  2. Wait for the "Add new address" button to appear

  3. Click on the button and then add a new Hotel/Company address

Once you've entered the delivery address of your attendees, you are ready to print the labels.

Printing delivery address labels

In Magnetiq, you can automatically print all the labels with the delivery addresses of your attendees.

The first step is to let us have the label Avery template you will use, so that we can set up your workspace.

Then, go to the Export page inside the event, and choose one of the available printing options.

Click on the button of the desired filters: hotels, companies, private addresses.

Magnetiq will automatically create a pdf with all the labels in your Avery template, that you can use for printing.

You can also print single labels for each guest by clicking on the "Individual guests" option.

Printing envelope cover letters

If you are sending multiple invitations inside a single envelope addressed to a Hotel or a Company, you might want to add a cover letter with the list of the invites included.

If you click on the Print Letters button, Magnetiq will create a series of pdf with the lists of the guests divided by Hotel or Company.

The cover letter could be signed by the Hotel or Company reception for acceptance so that you have the guarantee that your invitations will reach their final destination.

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