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Check-in attendees in your web browser (Android users)
Check-in attendees in your web browser (Android users)
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Our iOS app (download it here) is the best way to check-in guests on your Apple mobile device. That being said, if you’re an Android user you can use our mobile compatible web application, and check-in attendees with a web browser:

  1. Simply open a browser inside your device, like Google Chrome or Safari

  2. Then, go to your team’s workspace URL. This URL is your workspace name plus the domain: for example,

  3. Then sign in as normal

  4. Enter the event.

Synchronization among devices

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be used for check-in. The data entered through different devices will automatically sync during the operations (except when the device is offline - see Offline Check-In below).

Check-in Views

If your event has a seating plan you’ll see 3 view options:

  1. List only

  2. List + Seating plan

  3. Seating plan only

To choose the desired option, use the icons on the left sidebar.

1. List only

To search attendees on the list, just start typing (at least 3) characters in the text field, and the list will update in real time.

You can use menu options on the left to filter the list according to specific parameters, for example, if you’ve set up ‘backstage access’ guests you can choose to show only this group.

To check guests in, just click on the button on the right of their name.

2. List + Seating plan

This view will give you the opportunity to quickly search the attendee name on the list, and have a look at the seating plan at the same time.

If you want to locate an attendee on the seating plan, click on their seat link in the list, and the seating plan will automatically pan and zoom to the guest position.

3. Seating plan only

This option is particularly useful if you're inside the venue and want to check-in people visually, by looking at the seats that are taken.

To check-in guests, just tap directly on seats - they will become dark.

You can also rotate the seating plan in order to see it from your actual point of view, by clicking the button on the bottom right.

Offline Check-in

If you’re going to need to check-in guests in an area with a poor (or absent) internet connect, we’d recommend you download our iOS app.

However, if you’re on Android though, here’s how you can check-in attendees without internet connection:

  1. Load the check-in list when you have an internet connection by opening your browser, going to your team’s workspace URL, and signing in as normal. Inside the event, click on the ‘Check In’ link on the top-right menu. Ensure the page is fully loaded and do not close the browser window.

  2. When you lose your internet connection, an alert message will appear at the top of the screen reading “You are currently offline: just continue to check-in attendees offline

  3. When your internet connection is restored, all your check-in data will automatically be uploaded and synchronized with your colleagues' devices, and the previous message will disappear.

Important: only close the check-in page only once your internet connection is restored (so, when the message “You are currently offline" has disappeared) or you may lose your check-in data.

We recommend you try to connect back to the internet as regularly as possible, for example by walking out of the venue for a couple of minutes if possible. This protects you in the case of a problem like a phone running out of battery.

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