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How to use merge tags to personalize email
How to use merge tags to personalize email
Merge tags are placeholders that will be replaced with personalized content from your contacts into your email campaigns.
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Getting started with merge tags

Magnetiq allows you to use merge tags to insert personalized or dynamic content into the emails you send.

For instance, you could write a text like Dear {{FIRST_NAME}}, and have the merge tag {{FIRST_NAME}} automatically replaced and personalized with the actual Name of each recipient in your mailing.

Merge tags can be inserted into each piece of text content, like the Title or the Body Text of the email.

Adding merge tags with our template editor

If you are using our template editor to build your email, simply move the cursor in the point where you would like to add a merge tag, then use the menu at the bottom of the text field.

If you are building your own HTML instead, just use the following syntax.

Merge tags Syntax

All merge tags will be wrapped in double curly brackets {{ }}

Those bracketed words are what get replaced automatically by using data from your event / campaign data-base.

List of merge tags available in Magnetiq

Currently, in the template builder the available merge tags are the following:

Merge Tag



Recipient's Title (eg Mr. Mrs.)


Recipient's First Name


Recipient's Last Name


Recipient's Company Name


Attendee Seat Number (if assigned)


Event's name


The City where the Event is being held


Date and time of the Event (this will be in the format 24h or AM/PM according to your workspace settings)


The Address of the Venue where the Event is held


Your Company data (entered in the Email Setup)


Link of the RSVP Yes Button


Link of the RSVP No Button


URL of the QR Code image source


URL of the .ical file (for adding the event to the Calendar)


Link to the Apple Wallet ticket


Attendee hash (to be used in external RSVP pages)


Link Unsubscribe

Special tags: RSVP Buttons, QR Code, Apple Wallet, Add to Calendar

When you create the template by coding your own HTML, you will be able to use additional tags to insert RSVP Buttons, a QR Code image and an Apple Wallet link.

Please notice that these tags are just URL addresses, so they must be used together with hyperlink <a> or image <img> HTML tags as follows.

RSVP Buttons

Inside an HTML link tag, like:

<a href="{{RSVP_URL_YES}}">RSVP YES</a>

QR code URL tag

Inside an HTML image tag, like:

<img src="{{QR_CODE_URL}}" alt="QR Code" width="250">

As you click on the Apply button, a placeholder QR Code image will appear in your preview.

Apple Wallet URL tag

Inside an HTML link tag, like:

<a href="{{APPLE_WALLET_URL}}">Add this invitation to your Apple Wallet</a>

or using the official Add to Apple Wallet button image

<a href="{{APPLE_WALLET_URL}}"><img src="..." alt="..." width="..."></a>

Add to Calendar

Inside an HTML link tag, like:

<a href="{{CALENDAR_URL}}">Add to Calendar</a>

The Unsubscribe Link

Adding a link to Unsubscribe is key to minimize the risk of ending up in the Spam folder.

So, if you forget to add the {{UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK}}, the system will automatically add an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email, for your own good.

Please notice that the {{UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK}} will create the whole link tag with the URL in it.

So it must be used alone, as follows:


And, it must NOT be used inside as a URL inside a link tag, like:

<td><a href="{{UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK}}"></td>

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