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Adding a QR Code and Apple Wallet to your invitation
Adding a QR Code and Apple Wallet to your invitation
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In your email invitation, you can add a unique QR Code image to each guest, that can be scanned by the Magnetiq iOS app to check in guests.

When you add a QR Code, you can also add an Apple Wallet button, which will generate a ticket that your attendees can add to their iPhone, with all the data related to the event:

  • Your Brand

  • Event Date and time

  • Event Name

  • Venue and Address

  • Attendee Name

  • Seat Number if Sitting

  • Other Access Status: Standing, Staff, ...

Using the template builder

Simply use the checkbox buttons on the right sidebar to add both items to the template, as in the example below.

With your own HTML

If you are creating the template by coding your own HTML, you will have to enter our merge tags inside regular HTML tags.

Here's how you do it:

QR code URL tag

Inside an HTML image tag, like:

<img src="{{QR_CODE_URL}}" alt="QR Code" width="250">

As you click on the Apply button, a placeholder QR Code image will appear in your preview.

Apple Wallet URL tag

Inside an HTML link tag, like:

<a href="{{APPLE_WALLET_URL}}">Add this invitation to your Apple Wallet</a>

or using the official Add to Apple Wallet button image

<a href="{{APPLE_WALLET_URL}}"><img src="..." alt="..." width="..."></a>

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