Once you've decided where people will sit at your event, you can send every attendee an email to let them know their seat number in one step using the {{SEAT_NUMBER}} text tag. Each guest will receive an email personalised with their seat number.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Using our template editor

  • With your own HTML

Using our template editor

  • As you're writing the body text, place the cursor in the point where you would like to add the seat number (eg at the end of “Your seat will be:”)

  • Click on the "Add tag" menu on bottom right of the text field

  • Select the tag "Seat number"The tag will be automatically written as {{SEAT_NUMBER}}

  • The {{SEAT_NUMBER}} tag will automatically be replaced in each email with the seat assigned to the recipient

With your own HTML

Inside your HTML, just add a piece of code with the merge tag {{SEAT_NUMBER}} as in the following example:

<p>Your seat will be: {{SEAT_NUMBER}}</p>

(If you want to know more about the potential of merge tags inside Magnetiq campaigns, you can read the related article.)

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