In Magnetiq the Showroom Website is the heart of the client or journalist experience.

This article will cover:

1) Simple Showroom Websites

2) Using Multiple Collection Microsites

3) Personalising Your Showroom Website For Different Audiences

1) Simple Showroom Websites

The simplest Showroom Website is made up of a single Collection Microsite, a rich digital presentation featuring up to three immersive sections:

  • Introduction: video and images tell the story of your collection

  • Lookbook: your products into context with looks photography

  • Collection: line sheet and product details

2) Using Multiple Collection Microsites

As you build out your collection, you may find that you want to present multiple Collection Microsites in a single Showroom Website.

For example, you might create Collection Microsites themed around styles, clothing types, genders, sub brands or anything else you choose. Some Magnetiq clients choose to build Collection Microsites for separate brands, if for example they're running an agency managing multiple lines.

This is simple in Magnetiq: when you create multiple Collection Microsites in a Showroom Website, a landing page will automatically appear at the beginning of the navigation.

Tip: to make this Landing Page look its best, make sure you've added an Image Preview in each Collection Microsite.

3) Personalizing Your Showroom Website For Different Audiences

Magnetiq allows simple customisation of your Showroom Website for every audience. Simply select which Microsite should be visible and the Showroom Website will be updated automatically, ensuring that each journalist or buyer will see the perfect presentation for their interests.

The session list will then display the accessible micro-sites for each sessions.

If you've selected a single Collection Microsite, the Showroom Website will go directly into that Microsite. If you've selected multiple Collection Microsites, we'll automatically a custom landing page.

The end result is a personalised presentation in just a few clicks.

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