Collection Microsites are the building blocks of the Showroom Websites you'll show to buyers and journalists. Based on a group of products in one of your Collections, each Collection Microsite is a rich digital presentation featuring up to three immersive sections:

  • Introduction: video and images tell the story of your collection

  • Lookbook: your products into context with looks photography

  • Collection: line sheet and product details

To get started, click on the Website section on top right, then click on the "Add collection microsite" button.

Next define the following microsite settings:

1. Name

The name of the microsite will be displayed between your logo and the navigation menu.

2. Image preview

The Image that will be displayed in the Showroom Website if you're presenting more than one Collection Microsite. Learn more about Showroom Websites here.

3. Site pages

You can select which pages are visible:

  • Introduction - an immersive start page, created to your specifications by the team at Magnetiq, or uploaded directly in HTML by your in-house digital team

  • Lookbook - multiple products displayed together (note: if there is no Lookbook in your selected collection, this box will remain ticked but there will be nothing displayed on the Lookbook page of the Collection Microsite)

  • Collection - your products displayed individually

4. Collection

Select the Collection that you want to display in the microsite among the ones that you have already created. This selection will determine:

  • the product line sheet to be displayed in the Collection site page

  • the look book to be used in the Lookbook site page

5. Introduction Page

Currently, the Introduction is created by pasting an HTML code of a static page.

This can be done by your own internal team or design agency, or by the Magnetiq team as a dedicated service.

If your showroom is set to be multilingual, you can create an HTML webpage for each language.

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