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Exporting your collection as a PDF Linesheet
Exporting your collection as a PDF Linesheet
Exporting your full or filtered collection as a PDF, selecting the logo on the PDF cover page.
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Your linesheet can be exported as a PDF either in full, or filtered / sorted. To learn more about filtering and sorting your collection visit this help article.

When you choose to export your collection using the button highlighted above, the PDF will maintain the filters and sorting options applied.

This will let you export with as much detail as you need. For instance, you could export a PDF of a single Line, showing clients the information relevant to them, or a PDF with Category sorting, presenting your collection in a logical way.

Customisable Branded Cover Page

To really make an impact and highlight your branding the exported PDF will automatically include a branded cover page with:

  • your logo (see below for more)

  • the Collection name

  • the selected criteria (filters and sort)

Choosing Your Cover Page Logo

Your logo will be taken from your website settings. If you have a Black / Grey Logo option, we'll use that by default. If not we'll use the Main Logo.

Please note: the background of the cover page is white so if your Main Logo on Magnetiq is white, or close to white, we'd recommend including a Black / Grey Logo.

You can do this by going to Website, then Manage Settings and the uploading a black and white logo there as in the screenshots below:

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