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How to create a showroom and manage the showroom settings
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When you create a new showroom, you can set up the following features:

  • Name

  • Duration

  • City

  • Purpose

  • Digital assets

  • Languages


The internal showroom name, it will not be visible to clients.


The duration will allow to establish the period where your showroom will be accessible to visitors. After the end date, the website will not be visible anymore.


The showroom purpose will determine the e-commerce features of the website.

Only favorites

This option will create a website where products have only the Like icon, and not the "Add to cart" button. The purpose is to present the collection to journalists and buyers, to determine which are the most preferred products before starting the production.

Orders - Only Color

This option is dedicated to collect sample requests from journalists. Visitors can order only 1 piece for each product.

Orders - Color + Quantity

With this feature buyers can order the desired quantity for each available color. It is the recommended option when your products do have color options, but no additional variants (eg size).

Orders - All variants + Quantity

This is the most complete option, which will allow to manage up to 3 variants (color, size, etc.). Buyers can specify the desired quantity for each variant combination.

Include prices in Linesheet export

This option will determine whether prices are visible or not when exporting the Linesheet PDF.

Digital assets

This option will make your hi-res images accessible for download to visitors.


With Magnetiq, you can translate your product names and descriptions into multiple languages.

To define the available languages for your showroom, choose a default language, and add the selected languages.

Manage settings

All these settings, except for the showroom purpose, can be updated at any time inside your showroom, by using the menu link Settings.

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