With Magnetiq Newsroom, you can create and publish an online press release to give journalists everything they need in one place:

  • Press release text

  • Downloadable files

  • Photo galleries (with previews and high resolution downloads)

  • Embeddable videos

  • Contact information

Go to the Newsroom section and click on the button "Create a Story" on top right.

You will be asked to:

  • select the Newsroom you want the Story to appear in (in case you have more than one - eg if you are a PR Agency)

  • enter the name of the Story, in one or multiple languages (if you're on a plan including the multi-language option)

This will add your Story on top of the list. Click on the Edit button to go to the Story Editor.

A story can be a single page, or multiple pages (if your plan allows it) - eg Press Release, Gallery, Video, etc. The first page will be created automatically. Click on the "Edit" button on the right, to enter the Page Editor.

In the "Page name" on the right you can change the page name (eg "Press Release").

On the left, click on the plus icon "Add block" and choose the block you want to add in the page: an Image, a Text, a File, etc.

Once you've created the content and you're ready to go live, click on the "Publish Story" button on top right.

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