With Magnetiq Newsroom, you can give journalists everything they need in one place:

  • Press release

  • Hi-res images available for download

  • Downloadable files

  • Videos

  • Contact information

To get started, go to the Newsroom section and select "Create a Story" on the top right.

You will be asked to:

  • Select the Newsroom you want the Story to appear in (in case your workspace has multiple Newsrooms - eg if you are a PR Agency)

  • Enter the name of the Story (in one or more languages, if your Newsroom is multilingual). Choose a short headline to introduce the particular news that you're sharing.

This will add your Story on top of the list. The default status will be Draft and the Visibility "Offline". Click on the Edit button to go to the Story Editor.

The Story Editor

A Story can be made of:

  • a Single Page

  • Multiple Pages (like a microsite - eg Press Release, Gallery, Video)

Each Story will have one initial page (which is automatically created). Click on the "Edit" button on the right, to enter the Page editor.

Page Editor and Blocks

Once inside the Page editor, start adding content to your Story by clicking on the "Add Block" button. Add Blocks of content like text, images, and much more.

Keep adding Blocks until you're happy with the Page content. Magnetiq will automatically save a draft of your page without publishing it.

Publishing a Story

Once you're ready to go live, you can publish the Story and the related Pages, by using the button on top right inside each context.

The Story and its Pages can be published independently. For instance you could have a Story online with some Pages which haven't been published yet. This might be helpful if you're sharing a couple items as previews with the full range to be shared on 'launch day' for example - journalists wouldn't need a new website to visit, you can be sure that they're seeing the most up to date information whenever they visit your Story.

Managing and distributing the Story URL

The Story URL can be found in the Dropdown menu on the right, both:

  • in the list of the Stories

  • in the Story editor

How to Unpublish / Hide a Story

From the same menu, you can choose to unpublish the Story, by clicking on the "Go Offline" option. The story is still editable but no longer publicly accessible, so be aware that any press or journalists trying to follow the link won't find anything there.

To go back online, you can simply enter the Story, and use the 'Publish Story' button on top right.

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