You may like to have a Cover for your Story, to welcome your audience giving some main info on your Collection or product.

Fair enough, you're just one step from it.

To create a Cover, you need to have a Page in your Story (named "Untitled" as it is created).

Click on "Edit" and let's dive into the Page Editor.

There are two main places to update here: the first one is the "Page name", that you can find in the right/bottom part of the page. It contains the default pag name "Untitled". Change the page name to "Cover".

Now click on the "Add block" and choose "Cover".

Now click on "Choose file" or drag a file to the "Choose file" button. Please insert optimized jpg images to let the page load in few time.

Now that your image is uploaded, you can also insert a text in it that will be showed in the middle of the image vertically. You can use different font sizes (H1 and H2), font color (white and black) and font background (white and black). You can also align the test center, right or left.

This will be the result with black text and white background, click on the Preview page to see how the audience will see it.

This can be the final result:

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