The Gallery block is the tool to upload a quantitiy of hi-resolution images, and make them available for your audience to download, so that they can include them in their article.

Click on the 'Add Block' icon and choose 'Gallery'.

Now you can start uploding images. You can do that in two ways:

  • Click on the input button and select the files on your pc

  • Dragging the files from your file system directly onto the input button

The images will progressively appear inside the block.

Once you've uploaded the images, you can reorder them with the drag icon on top left.

Then, you can add a description to each one of them. Just click on the "Edit" icon on the image.

A window will appear where you can edit the image parameters like:

  • Description (or caption)

  • Category (if existing)

You can also replace the image with a different file, and you can delete the image from the gallery.

At any time you can see a preview of your work.

Add image categories

If you click on the Gallery block, the related block settings on the left will appear. There you can use the "Add category" button..

Upload images in categories

If you plan to use Categories in the Gallery, the best thing to create all the Categories you need before starting the upload. Once Categories are created, you can select a category before uploading files, to associate them to the category.

This can be the final result:

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