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Creating a Gallery
Creating a Gallery
Insert images and categorize them in a nutshell
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The Gallery block lets you share hi-resolution images for viewing and downloading.

To begin, simply select the 'Add Block' icon and choose 'Gallery'.

Now you can start uploading images by:

  • Clicking 'browse' and uploading directly from a folder, or,

  • Dragging the files from your file system directly into the input bar

The images will progressively appear inside the block.

Once you've uploaded the images, you can reorder them by using the drag icon on top left of each card.

Please note: whoever downloads your images will see your original file names, so we'd recommend making sure they're as clear and simple as possible.

Image detail

If you click on the "Edit" icon on top right of a card, you will access the Image detail, where you can:

  • add a caption describing the image (with the related translations, if your Newsroom is multilingual)

  • replace the image with a different file

  • set the image Category (see following chapter)

  • remove the image from the gallery

Gallery Categories

Categories are a nice way to divide your gallery into multiple segments, allowing navigation options for your audience.

To manage Categories, click on any point inside the Gallery block. The related settings will appear on the right, where you can manage Categories.

For each Category you can define a name in the default language with the related translations if your Newsroom is set to be multilingual.

Upload images in categories

If you plan to use Categories in the Gallery, the quickest way to categorize your images is to create all the Categories, then select a category from the menu, and upload the images from that category. This will automatically associate all the files to the selected category.

Categories on the story website

As soon as you add Categories to the Gallery, the website will display a dropdown menu on top of the Gallery, allowing the user to filter images by Category.

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