A Press Release is something that can't lack in a Story. Let's create a nice looking one!

To create a Press release, you need to have a Page in your Story (named "Untitled" as it is created).

Click on "Edit" and let's dive into the Page Editor.

In the "Page name", that you can find in the right/bottom part of the page, and that contains the default pag name "Untitled", change the page name to "Press Release" (or any other name you would like to call it).

Now click on the "Add block" and choose "Add Image", "Add Text" and "Add file".

In the Image block, click on "Choose file" or drag a file to the "Choose file" button. Please insert optimized jpg images to let the page load in few time.

In the text block, instead, you can add the text of your Press Release and give to it a nice looking result using the different Heading font dimensions, the Bold, Italic and link instrument.

in the file block you can drag the pdf of your Press Release to be downloaded and give it a description too.

This can be the final result:

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