To add a video in a story, simply click on it in the Add Block button.

This will add the Video block. Now copy the URL of your video either from Vimeo or Youtube.

Then paste it in the URL field.

This will create a preview of the video inside the block.

If you want, you can add a description of the video, in one or more languages if you Newsroom is multilingual.

Enabling the Download button inside Magnetiq

To enable the Download button below your video, simply copy and the paste the Download link in the related field. Below you can find instructions on how to obtain the link in Vimeo and Youtube.


First of all you have to make your video available for download in Vimeo, here's how:

Then click on the Download button from the drop-down menu on top right of the video page.

The download link can be obtained with the right click of the mouse on the Download button and copying the link.

This can be the final result:

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