Videos are the content of most impact, after images, so are really important in a story.

To create a Video page, you need to have a Page in your Story (named "Untitled" as it is created).

Click on "Edit" and let's dive into the Page Editor.

In the "Page name", that you can find in the right/bottom part of the page, and that contains the default pag name "Untitled", change the page name to "Video" (or any other name you would like to call it).

Now click on the "Add block" and choose "Add Video".

You will see the Video block then.

The Video block can be completed with those info:

URL: the Vimeo address of the video

Description: The text you want the video to be completed with

Download link: the link Vimeo has for downloading the Video.

The download link can be obtained with the right click of the mouse on the Download button and copying the link.

This can be the final result:

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