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Newsroom localization
Newsroom localization
Deliver content in the right language for your audience
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Magnetiq allows you to set up multiple languages for your Newsroom, and enable (optional) translations for each piece of content you publish.

Setting up the Newsroom languages

Click on the "Manage Newsrooms" button on top right, then on the Newsroom Settings button. In the Newsroom Settings page you will be able to manage your Newsroom Languages, as shown below:

Each Newsroom will have a Default Language which is the language where you will create the initial content.

Then, you can add additional languages. This will provide the option to localize each piece of content you have.

Localizing content

Once you've set up the Newsroom's languages, you will find in each piece of content the tabs with the available localization options.

The content in the additional languages is optional, which means:

  • you are not required to create it

  • if existing, Magnetiq will automatically detect the user's language code in the browser (eg "fr" or "fr-BE") and deliver the localized content

  • if not existing, the site will display the default language content

Content you can localize

In Magnetiq, localization does not mean exclusively text translation, but also being able to deliver different files, images or videos in the available languages.

Here's a comprehensive list of the components you can localize for each content block:


  • Newsroom name

  • Story name

  • Page name

File block

  • You can upload one different File for each language

  • Description

Image block

  • You can upload one different Image for each language

  • Caption

Video block

  • You can upload one different Video for each language

  • Description

  • Download Link

Gallery block

  • Description of each image

  • Gallery Categories

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