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Customizing the Newsroom URL
Customizing the Newsroom URL
The Newsroom comes with an automated URL, but you can customize it and make it your own, eg
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When you first create a Newsroom, Magnetiq will provide a default URL to get you started, which will have the following syntax:

The workspace-name is most likely your brand-name.

A 'Slug' is the end part of a URL after the backslash (β€œ/”) that identifies the specific page or post. The 'Newsroom Slug' might be:

  • something generic like 'press area' or 'newsroom' if you are a brand

  • the brand name of your client, if you are a PR / Communication agency

You can modify the Newsroom Slug in the Settings:

Customizing the domain

You'll get an automated URL provided by Magnetiq by default. But you can customize the domain of the Newsroom easily - just reach out to the Magnetiq team, we will provide you with the parameters to implement the change.

Making this change allows for customizations like:

Combined with the possibility to customize the 'Story Slug', this will allow you to distribute your story content with a simple URL, like

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