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Setting RSVP limits: maximum attendees / deadline
Setting RSVP limits: maximum attendees / deadline
Using Magnetiq to optmize RSVP invitations and reach full control of your event management
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When you send out RSVPs with Magnetiq, you can set:

  • a maximum attendee limit, eg to avoid overbooking

  • a deadline, to prevent people from responding beyond a certain date

RSVP limit setup

You can choose to limit the number of positive RSVPs to an event in two ways:

  • when creating the event

  • in the event settings (use the cog icon on the top right of the event menu, see image below)

The Waiting List

If guests click on the RSVP button beyond the maximum limit or the deadline, they will reach a page letting them know they're on the Waiting List.

Guests who have RSVP'd positively after the event is full will automatically be marked with the "Waiting list" invitations status.

They are identified by an orange circle icon (instead of the the green checkmark for an accepted RSVP) and you can filter by Waiting List to see just waiting guests.

In the Event Stats, you can check the size of your Waiting List, the date and time each guest was added and other important information about your campaign.

Moving Guests From The Waiting List

If a place opens up at your event - perhaps you've added extra seating or a guest has cancelled - you can then manually choose who you'd like to take the extra space.

Our recommended method is:

1/ Select the 'Waiting List' guest(s) you'd like to take the new place(s)

2/ Change their status to the 'Confirmed'

note we recommend using 'Confirmed' instead of 'To Be Confirmed' so that your event remains 'full' and not open to new RSVPs

3/ Contact each guest to inform them that they now have a seat, requesting that they inform you if they can no longer attend

Sending Email Invitations With The RSVP Feature

When you create an email template with our editor, the RSVP block will remind you about the maximum attendance number and the deadline if you've chosen to set them.

If either the attendance limit or the time limit has been reached, a message will warn you when you're setting up the email and the RSVP button will be disabled, preventing you to send out requests that can not be fulfilled.

Duplicating an RSVP campaign beyond the limits

If the RSVP limits have been reached, and you try to duplicate an RSVP campaign, everything will be cloned except for the RSVP button.

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